Cuisine should be flirtatious, with winks to thrill and transport us.
Not just food is sold, so are happy places.

I work from tradition and experiment to create new recipes which surprise, and above all, please diners, because cuisine is taste, flavor. This is why I cook, because it is a way to make people happy.


Catalan chef, runs the restaurant Ramón Freixa Madrid (located in Hotel Único) celebrated with two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns and is recognized as Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux. Also in the capital, the bistro Arriba, in the gastronomic space of La Platea Madrid, and Ático, located on the sixth floor of Hotel Principal Madrid; and those which unite Freixa Tradició in Barcelona, Erre in the Colombian city Cartagena de las Indias of and FROM in Bogotá; all are different in concept, but united by their ever-present Mediterranean origins.

In Ramón Freixa’s kitchen there is boldness, innovation and common sense, an impeccable technique and numerous visual and gustatory games. Tradition and vanguard coexist. Madness and common sense are in perfect harmony. Each dish hides a story which is told in sequences and presented in compositions of great esthetic beauty, where flavor is always the protagonist.

“I was born in 1971 in a village near Igualada, Barcelona, and I grew up among stoves, the smell of fresh-baked breads and gourmet travels beside my parents and sister. I was a true "foodie" and had the chance to try my first Three Star restaurant at age 7.”

“I wanted to be a singer, but in that attempt I learned that one must know and accept their own limitations. It was then I realized something so simple, I work to ensure that my kitchen is honest.”

After studying three years at the school of hospitality and tourism in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona), Ramón packed his bags to discover some of the secrets of creative cuisine in the large houses of Belgium and the French countryside. 1994 was the year her returned to Barcelona to the family restaurant ' El Raco d 'd'en Freixa', in which he would run through all the games until 1998, when he took over from his father; maintaining the prestige and the Michelin star awarded ten years earlier.

In 2009 he moved to Madrid, city in which he resides today, and put a new space in motion, ´Ramon Freixa Madrid´, which spread his wings to create without limits, neither spacial nor formal, his most avant-garde cuisine. A few months after opening the restaurant, he received his first Michelin star. And in 2010, the second, that he still maintains.

“My cuisine is based on three elements: produce, technique, and feeling"

This philosophy is reflected in his three published works: Pa, L’ioli i el Vi(1998), The Chef’s Hand (2004) and Sequences (2014), in which his Mediterranean are clearly exposed, a fundamental concept for Ramon, because it connects with his DNA, with his gustatory memory, and enables an evolution from local to global thinking; reflecting on his gastronomic philosophy from three already inseparable principles in his cuisine kitchen: produce, technique and feeling, and shows the plastic and artistic beauty of his creations.